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Solving Real Estate Problems In Our Community

Real estate investments are some of the largest investments most people will ever make. The laws affecting real estate are proportionately complex. If you are signing a contract for store space, purchasing commercial property, leasing your property or transferring ownership, our firm can help ensure your transaction moves smoothly.

At Carpenter & Associates, our attorneys have been working in the Dallas area for years. They understand our community and its needs, including the real value of property. We can review your real estate issues and find comprehensive solutions that last. Speak with our attorneys today by calling 972-455-8700.

Experienced Lawyers And Thoughtful Service

Our lawyers are practical-minded advocates with varied backgrounds and educational histories. They approach legal questions with creative thinking. Our firm provides services to individuals and businesses seeking assistance:

  • Establishing property lines or disputing boundaries
  • Negotiating contracts for long-term business leases
  • Selling and transferring property, including inherited property
  • Managing conflicts between landlords and tenants

The legal system is complex. A misstep today can cause prolonged and expensive litigation later. Our attention to detail is key to our success.

Contact Carpenter & Associates At 972-455-8700

The Dallas area is thriving, and real estate comes at a premium. A misstep in a real estate transaction can have devastating effects to both individuals and businesses. We focus on ensuring your real estate issues are resolved in a way that lasts.

Our lawyers are ready to help you. Unable to call? You can also reach us online through our contact form.