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Maintaining Your Quality Of Life After A Car Crash Injury

One of the most dangerous forms of travel in America is by car. Thousands of people sustain serious injuries every year on American roads. Sudden injuries can leave a family in serious medical debt and without a stable income to pay the bills. Our attorneys have the legal resources to help you provide for yourself and your family throughout recovery.

At Carpenter & Associates, our firm is more than just a business. We consider ourselves part of the Plano community. As your neighbors, we commit to helping you when life is difficult. If you or a loved one is in pain or hurt, call our office today at 972-455-8700. Set up a time to talk with us.

How We Help You Get The Compensation You Need And Deserve

After an accident, you will have to take many steps to receive a settlement, all at a time when you should focus on your medical care and recovery.

We are diligent advocates who will stand up for your needs. We provide full-service personal injury representation that includes:

  • Gathering all the relevant evidence and witness testimony
  • Ensuring your injuries are properly evaluated and that the extent of your injuries is medically known
  • Accounting for the full and complete cost of your injuries, including additional care expenses, recovery and time away from work
  • Holding insurance companies and negligent drivers accountable

Insurance companies will take advantage of missteps and mistakes to either seriously undervalue your settlement eligibility or to deny you a settlement entirely. As your lawyers, we fight for you.

You Are Not Alone

Carpenter & Associates attorneys are available to help you after your car crash. We care about your well-being. Talk to us today about how we can help you recover. Dial 972-455-8700.