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Creating A Plan For A Peaceful Passing

Many people feel uncomfortable discussing their own eventual deaths.

Many of the same people, however, may speak passionately about how much their families and their life’s accomplishments mean to them. Estate planning is a core part of what it means to care for one’s family while preserving value accumulated over a lifetime of hard work. A knowledgeable attorney at Carpenter & Associates can help translate your wishes into enforceable legal tools.

The estate planning attorneys at Carpenter & Associates in Plano can guide you patiently and proficiently through the process of preparing essential testamentary documents. Email us today.

We Help Create An Estate Plan That Serves Your Needs

A will, trusts, and powers of attorney, including a health care directive, are critical components of a well-drafted estate plan. Planning for your future now allows you to make important decisions while you still have the mental capacity and time to properly consider them. For instance:

  • Business succession planning can complete a comprehensive, overarching approach to legacy building
  • A living will give you control, in advance, of life-and-death decisions about your own health care needs “someday”
  • Creating a trust can insulate your property from lengthy probate processes or expensive estate taxes

Health crises leading up to the end of life and the transfer of assets from one generation to the next often pose great challenges for family members or other named beneficiaries. By planning, you offer your family the guidance they need to feel confident in your wishes.

Prepare For Tomorrow — Today

We, the lawyers at Carpenter & Associates have military and law enforcement experience. In these occupations as well as in law practice, we have worked closely with many families facing times of transition. We are prepared to advise you as you create, review or revise a will and other estate planning instruments. Call our firm at 972-455-8700 and schedule an appointment. Unable to get to the phone? You can also reach us by email.