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Attorneys You Can Trust To Protect Your Interests During Divorce

Ending a marriage is not an easy task, either emotionally or logistically. Marriage entwines your finances and legal obligations in addition to your personal life. As a result, divorce is more than just paperwork. Divorce is a series of legal measures. At our firm, our lawyers will guide you through the legal process. We are stalwart defenders of your rights and will help you reset your future without sacrificing your dignity.

Carpenter & Associates has been a presence in the Plano legal realm for more than a decade. We have an acute sense of justice and community, and our lawyers understand that experienced legal assistance can be the key to thriving after divorce. Tell us your story, and let us take the legal burden off your shoulders.

Standing By Your Side From Start To Finish

Our attorneys have a wide range of legal experience. This puts us in an ideal position to help anticipate complex legal questions and resolve issues specific to your divorce. We provide comprehensive services with personally tailored solutions. We assist families when:

  • Creating enforceable co-parenting plans that fit your needs
  • Dividing shared assets, including property, businesses and investments
  • Establishing spousal support and child support agreements
  • Updating divorce orders after changes to your life circumstances

Life changes are difficult. You do not need the law to make things harder than necessary. Our attorneys will listen to your needs and help you find effective legal solutions and streamline your divorce proceedings.

Your Future Can Be Bright. We Can Help.

Schedule an appointment with our legal professionals today by calling our office at 972-455-8700 or by completing our online contact form.