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Help Your Child Thrive

Child development experts all agree that a stable environment is conducive to a child’s ability to learn and process emotional challenges. While parents may no longer live together, a stable custody and visitation agreement can help create a positive environment for your child while protecting your parental rights and your child’s safety.

Carpenter & Associates has provided legal support to parents in and around the Plano area for over a decade. We can help you navigate the courts and establish positive boundaries for you and your child. Call our firm at 972-455-8700.

Questions Your Custody Agreement Should Consider

Many parents struggle to find a custody or visitation schedule that works and can last especially in the wake of a divorce. Our lawyers will help you identify the pivotal information you need to be successful. When you start considering your custody agreement, we urge you to consider the following questions:

  • What are both parents’ professional and work obligations?
  • Does your child participate in after-school programs or other activities?
  • Do you have reliable transportation?
  • How would you like to approach holiday breaks?

Remember that child custody agreements are essential tools for parents. They help create a positive environment for your child. Approaching the question with your child’s best interests at heart will create a cooperative space and benefit your child in the long run.

Similarly, circumstances change. A custody agreement for a seven-year-old rarely is adequate for a seventeen-year-old’s needs. Our firm can assist with modifications to existing agreements.

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