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Divorce in Texas can be a messy matter, which is why most individuals want to avoid it at all costs. It is becoming increasingly common in Texas and across the United States for married individuals to enter into postnuptial agreements. Many people are aware of what a prenuptial agreement is, at least in theory. According to Harper’s Bazaar, a postnuptial agreement is similar in nature to a prenuptual agreement, only it is signed after marriage. 

Up until recently, it was mostly in reference to celebrity couples where you would hear about either prenuptial or postnuptial agreements. However, they are becoming more common among “normal” couples as well. There are numerous reasons for non-celebrity couples to consider a postnuptial agreement. Many married couples decide to enter into these agreements after the births of children, to reevaluate their current financial situation and concerns. Postnuptial agreements are also common if one half of a married couple wishes to start a business. Couples who go into business together also often create a postnuptial agreement to hammer out how ownership of the business is structured. 

Postnuptial agreements may also save marriages. Some couples enter into postnuptial agreements if one member has cheated on the other. A postnuptial agreement may include unfavorable divorce settlements for the previously cheating party if the behavior continues. 

Postnuptial agreements are becoming increasingly common in society due to increased complexity in our financial lives. They can help add additional financial structure to a current marriage, and help provide a clear blueprint to follow in the event of a divorce. Often, divorces guided by comprehensive postnuptual agreements take less than an hour to finalize.