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Making plans for what happens after you die is never a really enjoyable experience. It is necessary, though, to take care of your family after your death. Unfortunately, it is this family who can make the whole estate planning process more difficult than it should be. While your family may not cause you issues about it now, you do need to plan ahead for the issues family dynamics could cause after your death.

Some families get along great. They will go along with anything you say you want in your estate plan. Other families have issues that can lead to arguments and even lawsuits over your estate. Forbes explains that you need to be aware of your family dynamics.

Consider the issues that may exist, such as sibling rivalry, or bad influences, such as a spouse, who may lead an heir to contest your estate. Also, think about the issues that may arise with second families and first families. Finally, keep in mind that some heirs may not be as fiscally responsible as you and how you would want to manage that problem.

You also need to talk with your family about your estate plan now. Get everyone together and lay out what will happen when you die. Handle any objections or questions right now when you are here to manage things. You should talk to everyone at the same time to make it clear that these are your wishes and there is nobody trying to sway you to do something or influence your decisions. Making your wishes clear to everyone is the best way to secure the validity of your estate plan.