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Serious burns may occur for a number of different reasons. Machine explosions, fire and more can lead to major burns. Severe burns can be completely life-altering. These injuries can restrict movement and lead to serious complications. When suffering from burns in Texas, you may wind up with lifetime side effects.

Third-degree burns are dangerous and more severe. These burns involve every layer of skin. Serious burns may require hospitalization, wound assessment, therapy, and surgery and wound dressings. When you suffer severe burns, you can also suffer from scarring, pain and a lack of function where the burns occurred.

For some that suffer from burns, Mayo Clinic explains that they may need physical therapy to stretch the skin and allow for more of a range of movement after a burn. A patient may lose strength and coordination after serious burn injuries.

Some of the more serious procedures that burn victims may undergo include:

  • Skin grafts
  • Feeding tubes
  • Breathing tubes
  • Eschar cutting

Depending on the severity of the burn, it can take months to years for healing. Subsequently, some burns never fully heal. You may have to undergo surgeries or physical therapy for a long time after the burn occurs.

Major burns may require fluids to prevent any dehydration, burn creams and ointments to help heal the wounds and ultrasound mist therapy to stimulate the wound. Doctors have to be careful that patients do not catch infections from the burn. This means you change the dressings consistently and you may need drugs to fight the infection.

The above is meant to inform on the seriousness of burns. It is not legal advice.