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Severe on-the-job injuries in Texas and elsewhere may take a greater toll on the affected individual than losing time from work and suffering pain and discomfort. As reported by MarketWatch, research published in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine shows that work-related injuries can lead to long-term and serious emotional health issues. 

Injured workers may find themselves dealing with depression or pain medication addiction. Research also shows that there is an alarming and significantly higher rate of suicides among workers who incurred lost-time injuries. 

Women are at greater risk of post-injury overdose and suicide deaths 

Boston University School of Public Health research team findings, as published by Psych Central, demonstrate that women are at a much greater risk of death from drug overdoses and suicide after experiencing on-the-job injuries resulting in lost time from work. While men under the same circumstances had about a 30% rate of risk for drug-related deaths, the rate of risk for women was more than 190%. With regard to suicides, women demonstrated a 20% greater risk than males. 

Younger workers experience more work-related injuries 

As reported by the CDC, emergency rooms treat a greater number of job-related injuries for workers under the age of 25. Overall, collected statistics show that harmful contact with work-related objects accounts for a significant portion of job-related injuries across all age groups. This includes incidents of employees caught in or struck by on-site structures or equipment. Overexertion also accounts for a notable portion of work-related injuries. Many of these injuries result in lost time from work and pain medication use that may lead to addiction and drug-related deaths. 

Employer negligence may cause work-related personal injuries 

The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 requires employers to provide their workers with a safe workplace environment. Unfortunately, not all employers comply with OSHA’s safety requirements. If an unsafe workplace or employer inattentiveness causes someone to suffer a lengthy lost-time injury, the lasting effects might be catastrophic. It may require a personal injury lawsuit to compensate for long-term issues such as pain, emotional debilitation and loss of the quality of life.