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Texan residents who have been bitten by a cat may not realize exactly how dangerous these bites can be. Sufferers may even end up being hospitalized, which can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars in fees and lost wages.

Mayo Clinic states that up to 1 in every 3 people who are bitten by a cat on the hand end up being hospitalized. First of all, wounds on the hand have a higher chance of becoming infected. Secondly, a cat’s bite is actually more likely to cause infection than a dog’s bite. Why is this, exactly? Simply put, it’s because of the way a cat’s mouth is designed. Those sharp teeth can puncture deep into the skin, leaving bacteria far below its surface.

Healthline states that bacteria injected deep below the skin’s surface can lead to severe infections. It can even cause sepsis or gangrene if left untreated. Many cases of cat bites resulting in infection have the victim showing signs within hours. Severe infection can cause the injured area to swell immensely in just half a day or less. Even if quick action is taken and the victim seeks medical attention immediately, severe infection can result in the need for hospital care, the administration of antibiotics, and potential prolonged treatment.

Naturally, these treatments can be costly for the victim. If need be, they may wish to consider looking for a personal injury attorney. These professionals can help victims receive the compensation that they deserve for the struggles they are going through.