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When renting property in Texas, your landlord owns the land but you are given the rights to use it. Your landlord remains liable for certain things but not everything is the landlord’s responsibility. That is why you both should have insurance on the property. Having insurance ensures that everything is covered regardless of what happens by your landlord’s or your insurance. In any case, when an injury occurs, you may still wonder who is responsible.

In most cases, according to the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, you are responsible for any injuries. There are a few exceptions, though, where your landlord may be responsible. The law assumes that when you took over the land that you were aware of any dangerous condition or issues that could cause harm and therefore, you took on the responsibility. It also recognizes that sometimes your landlord retains liability for certain issues.

For example, if your landlord agreed to make certain repairs and fails to do so, which results in an injury, then he or she is responsible. The same is true if your landlord makes repairs but they are inadequate or done incorrectly. Your landlord is also liable if there is a dangerous condition that he or she failed to tell you about when you signed your lease or rental agreement.

Finally, if there are public areas that the landlord does not rent to you but that you will still use and you are injured in one of those areas, then the liability falls on your landlord. This information is for education and is not legal advice.