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A prenuptial agreement can help a couple decide on financial obligations and other terms in the event the couple breaks up at some point in the future. However, there are a number of mistakes couples in Texas make in regard to this agreement.

It is important each partner take signing the agreement seriously to avoid potential issues. The following discusses some common mistakes couples make.

They Tiptoe Around the Discussion

 According to The Knot, some couples will put off talking about a prenup, or completely avoid it altogether because they are afraid or think it is unromantic. It may be difficult to talk about hard issues when you are so happy, but it is important to do so before things get ugly. Ideally, couples should discuss it in depth from early on, and they should sign it at least six months prior to the wedding.

They Do Not Negotiate

 Whether it is too emotional or they want to avoid conflict, some partners will not negotiate for what they want. No one should ever sign the agreement if their needs are not met or if the conditions seem unfair. Speaking with a therapist or a mediator can help some couples work through the awkwardness.

 They Use the Same Attorney

 To help keep things fair and equitable, each partner should hire his and her own attorney. This extra cost will pay off in the event a divorce does occur.

 They Do Not Sign Due to Their Financial Situation

 According to, another mistake couples make is they do not have an agreement because they do not have money or assets at the start of the marriage. First of all, it is important as a couple to have financial conversations around things like income, debt, inheritance and savings. Plus, as life together develops, they will be gaining assets and debt, and it is good to put things in writing to protect both sides.